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Pitt County Historical Society, Inc., proudly offers the following publications:

(I) Chronicles of Pitt County, Volume I.--Pitt County Historical Society, Elizabeth Copeland, Editor, 1982, reprinted 2003.

Published in 1982, Volume I consists of 878 pages, covering the stories of 1,100 Pitt County families. This volume is indexed with over 42,000 names, and 1,000 photos.

(II) Chronicles of Pitt County, Volume II. --Pitt County Historical Society, Sandra E. Hunsucker, Executive Editor, 2005.

Published in 2005, consisting of 1,046 pages of the history of Pitt County and its citizens. This volume contains more than 1,200 articles, including 1,200 photos, and indexed with over 33,000 names.